H-E-B Savings Roundup Deal+FREE Shipping

H-E-B shoppers, you don’t want to miss this deal! Here is a great deal going on at H-E-B.

Savings Roundup

My experience with H-E-B products

Right now, they are having what they call the Savings Roundup. You buy $30 worth of qualifying H-E-B brand products and you will get $10 back. Like I have stated in 5 easy ways we save on groceries at H-E-B , I personally like many of H-E-Bs products. We use their toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, plastic baggies, aluminum foil and more. I have found many of their products to be par with name brand and even have preferred their brand over name brands. My toilet paper, trash bags, and plastic baggies I don’t like to cheap out on but H-E-B’s brands do the job for me. My sister who is very particular to toilet paper was unaware of which brand I used so she asked. She was surprised when I told her H-E-Bs brand. Others have asked about the plastic baggies at get-togethers and surprised when I told them it was an off-brand from H-E-B. So if you have never tried their off-brands, right now is the perfect time to try.

Some Details about the deal

The H-E-B products include Household, Personal, Baby, and Pet products. It has to be done in one transaction. They are having this deal online and in stores (participating locations could vary). If you do this deal online, use promo code SAVINGS10 they will e-mail you a gift card. If you do it in the store, the coupon will be printed at the register. The Savings Roundup promo is valid from 3/30 – 4/12/2016. Here is a look at some of the items that qualify for the promo;

Personal Care

  • H-E-B sunblock
  • H-E-B bath and body products such as soap, hand sanitizer, body wash, shampoo, soap, H-E Buddy bubble bath, etc
  • H-E-B and Hill Country shaving and grooming products such as Hill Country after shave, razors, shaving cream, blades, etc

Home and Kitchen

  • HE-B Household cleaners such as dish soap, laundry detergent, all purpose cleaners
  • H-E-B paper goods such as toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towels, paper plates, paper tableware, napkins, etc
  • H-E-B Food Storage such as plastic containers, foil, parchment paper, wax paper storage baggies, paper lunch bags, etc
  • H-E-B trash bags

Over the Counter Medicine

  • H-E-B Cold and Allergy Medicines
  • H-E-B pain relievers such as ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, etc
  • H-E-B first aid  supplies such as q-tips, itch cream, hydrocortisone, band aids, antibiotic cream, isopropyl alcohol, petroleum jelly, gloves, gauze pads, etc
  • H-E-B Feminine Care such as pads and tampons,


  • H-E-B dog food and treats
  • H-E-B cat food, litters, etc
  • H-E-B bird food


  • H-E-B Bath time products
  • H-E-B Baby Wellness products
  • H-E-B Baby wipes
  • H-E-B Diaper and training pants
  • H-E-B Baby food
  • H-E-B Formula

Vitamins and Wellness

  • H-E-B Vitamins and multis
  • H-E-B herbal supplements

This is not a complete list but I tried to get a general overview.

FREE shipping for online orders

If you order online, you can also receive FREE shipping. This coupon will expire 5/31/2016. It allowed me to combine this with the Savings Roundup but could also use this on any order over $25. Here’s how;

  1. You will need to register or log in to heb.com
  2. Shop and add items to your cart. After you have added $25 worth of products, use Promo Code HEB4ME at checkout.

A few more things

Make sure you log in or register before using the promo codes. If you don’t have qualifying products of $30+ in the cart, it will not let you use the Savings Roundup coupon. If you do not have $25+ worth of products, it will not let you enter the Free shipping Coupon.  Basically, if your participating in the Savings Roundup online, you might as well use the free shipping coupon.

Savings Roundup FB


Let me know how you fair with these deals




5 easy ways we save on Groceries at H-E-B

As a stay at home mom, I cook about 95% of the meals at home. Eating out with children costs about 3x more. Not to mention, it’s a lot worse for your health  and will cost you even more in the long run. Even though eating at home is more budget friendly, there are still ways to cut the grocery bill. Here are 5 easy ways we save on my grocery bill at H-E-B.



  1. Local grocery store app: I personally use the H-E-B app. After you set up an account, you download the app, and log in. You then can look at the coupons, weekly ad, products, recipes, etc. I go to the coupon section and scroll through. I virtually “clip” anything I might potentially buy. It takes me maybe 5 or 10 minutes to go through the coupons. I have tried the actual act of clipping coupons but I would always forget the coupons or be so frazzled at the end of the trip that I wouldn’t dig out the ones I needed. This method is much easier. And to claim the coupons, I enter phone number and pin at the checkout while the cashier is still ringing up my order. Digital Coupons are SOOOO much better than printable coupons! Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.
  2. Checking the weekly Ad: When I am making my grocery list, I check the weekly ad on the  H-E-B website or the app. I plan my grocery trip around the items on sale. H-E-B has awesome meal deals. For example, the meal might have a Frozen Lasagna meal deal. You buy the frozen lasagna, you get garlic bread, bag of salad, 2 Liter of Coke (down south any soda is a “coke”), and a bottle of Dressing. Voila! Whole meal and all you gotta do is grab the coupon, and the items they conveniently have grouped together to grab.  I know its a frozen meal but these work great for grocery shopping day or on a day I just don’t want to cook. We all know you eat out anyway after a day of grocery shopping ;-). It’s ok, we all do it!  Another example is if they have whole split chicken breasts, I plan a few chicken casserole recipes for the next week. Yes, the split chicken breasts have bones on them but they are usually a lot cheaper and they work great by boiling, then de-boning, and using them in casseroles.
  3. Stock up on Meat that’s on Sale: If you don’t have a deep freezer, save up some money and get one. This has saved me so much on groceries. At my local H-E-B, they tend to have specials in the store that are not displayed in the circular. I have gotten in the routine of buying meat when on sale. Since I have started doing this, I typically don’t buy meat that isn’t on sale. Since the meat is a large % of the grocery bill, this knocks out more of the grocery bill. And, if you have a deep freeze, it will last a lot longer than in a typical freezer. I currently have a ham in the deep freeze that I purchased before Christmas  because they had a special. If you bought a ham, you got a turkey for free. We had the turkey for Thanksgiving and the ham for Christmas. Before we got our deep freeze, I could never do this deal because I simply couldn’t get the groceries we needed plus store the extra meat that was on sale.
  4. Buy off brands: I buy off-brands about 95% of the time. I personally enjoy H-E-B’s brands. There have been many times, I prefer H-E-B’s brands over name brands. There are some exceptions but this is generally the rule. Many times, the off-brand is cheaper than the name brand with a coupon. So I buy off-brand and other than using their app, I don’t typically clip coupons. I also like ALDI but the closest one for me is 30 mins away. I don’t always make it over there but when I do, ALDI is 95% off-brand anyway. 🙂
  5. In store coupons: I know, I said I typically don’t clip coupons but this is super easy. No clipping involved. 😉 I’m not spending hours digging through circulars or going to a coupon site to print out coupons and then try to remember to take them with me. If you’ve ever tried to coupon, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a hassle , time consuming, and I just prefer not to do it.  H-E-B conveniently places their yellow coupons in the front of the items that are on the coupon. If I am buying the item, I grab the coupon and check it out. See, I told you easy! It usually is on their brand of products but like I said above, that’s fine with me. 🙂 I have 4 FREE bottles of Mustard because I was already purchasing another item. Or if the item I am purchasing is the free item, I grab the item I have to buy. I’m not sure if other grocery stores do this but if you live in Texas and close to a H-E-B, give it a shot.


What are some things you do to save on your grocery bill? I would love to hear everyone’s ideas!

5 Easy ways to save money

I love saving money but I am not one of those people that can spend hours upon hours browsing all the sites (while recently I have been spending a little too much time Christmas shopping) to score the best deals. I am a homeschooling mom, a house that always needs  to be cleaned, children that need fed (hubby included) and things I gotta get done! But here are my easy ways to save money!



If you haven’t signed up for Ebates, sign up today. It’s a super easy way to get cash back on purchases online. You can install extension on Chrome and anytime you visit an online retailer that offers cash back, a lil tab pops down. You click on it. It redirects you to their main site. Once you check out, the extension tracks the amount spent and you get the cash back. They deposit the cash back every 3 months. From the time I’ve signed up, I have received $70 cash back! Super easy! Oh and if you can convince 3 people to sign up, right now you can get $100!


I love this site. I usually check the site or app right before I check out online or in the store. All I do is search on the app or website the retailer I am purchasing from. It will bring up available coupon codes and in-store coupons. Sometimes the codes don’t work but I just move onto the next one. 9/10 I find at least one coupon to use.


Yep Google. Open up a new tab before checking out and type in the store’s name+coupon code or store’s name+promo code. Normally this takes me to RetailMeNot but on occassion I find codes on other sites.

I also use the shopping tab. I visit the google site.

Search for the item I am looking for. Once it brings up results, you will see tabs right under the search bar. I click on Shopping.WiiUGoogle

Then click on the item I’m looking for. WiiUGoogle2

The box will expand and then I click on Compare Prices for x amount of stores. It will include taxes, shipping. Oh and be specific. For example if I’m looking for a wii u, I would type in Wii U Console Mario Kart 8. 


If your an Amazon shopper, this one is great to use. You can install the Chrome extention, Firefox or visit the site. You can look at popular products that are at their best deal price on Amazon, look at top price watches, or you can browse items. It tells you if it’s the Best Deal or Good Deal. You can also look at the price history for items. You also create a price watches on Amazon wish lists or individual item. You can have it notify you when the price drops to a desired amount. This saved me $$$ on a Christmas present this year. I bought the item on sale. A week later, I recieved an e-mail from camelcamelcamel that the price dropped on Amazon. I could price match the item and that’s what I did. I actually paid less for the item than Black Friday prices! SCORE!


This is my newest one to my addition to my money saving ways. If your hunting a particular item, check this site or download the app. Search the site for the item. It will give you list of places that it is on sale. Sometimes the price includes a coupon code or promo offer but once you click on description link, it will give you the details. While I haven’t spent alot of time browsing this site, it does seem like it might be worth it.  **UPDATE**  I have had time to browse this site just looking for deals. It is one of my favorite sites! If your just looking for some deals or looking for a particular item, this site is amazing. I have seen all kinds of goodies on here. For example, I saw a deal posted today; buy 30 oz drink at Subway get a 6 in subway for FREE. Almost free lunch anyone? Or how about a $100 iTunes gift card for only $80…

My daughter received Christmas money and we were thinking about letting them use the money to buy a laptop. I searched the site. I saw a deal posted for a New Lenovo chromebook for $111!! Well, I got to the deal a little too late but there was also a New Lenovo laptop for $135! And honestly I felt comfortable getting a laptop with Windows instead of a Chromebook (Chrome OS)  so it worked out well for me.  I’m not knocking Chromebooks and have never tried them but as of right now, I think I would prefer Windows OS over Chrome OS on a PC. …Now that folks, is a good deal! So don’t miss the deals! I’m actually needing a new laptop and super tempted to purchase one of them.

You can also create price deal alerts. Looking for an item but not seeing any deals? Create a price alert and know when a deal is posted! I LOVE LOVE this site!

They also have a section dedicated to Amazon fillers. Amazon offers tons of free shipping for Prime members. But sometimes, there are items that will only ship out Free after $25 is added to the cart. Let’s say you only need a $1 to qualify for free shipping. Check out Slick Deals Amazon fillers and you can browse or you can enter the amount you need to qualify for free shipping. It will bring up items in that price range to add to your cart so you can get free shipping.

Ok, as if Slick Deals doesn’t get any better, they have price tracking! I haven’t used this one yet but I will be trying it out soon. It looks like it is similar to camelcamelcamel but isn’t just for Amazon! Yay! I love Amazon and order ALOT from Amazon but sometimes, I do purchase from other sites.


Thoughts? Have you used these sites/apps? What do you like or dislike about them? Which ones did I miss?

How we saved $100 on our cell phone bill

To add to my wife’s many posts on saving money from the Roku, Amazon Prime, Making your own laundry detergent, there is another way we are saving about $100 a month. Surprisingly, this won’t affect our usage of our cellphones at all, and chances are, you too can save up to $100 or more per month as well! Here is a screenshot of our latest bill:Republic Wireless Bill2 Republic Wireless Bill


Saving $100 per month with our cellphonesRepublic Wireless $100 Save Pin

Our 2-year contract was up. We were going to upgrade our AT&T account to iPhone 5s’s for $120 a month for two lines and the lowest talk/text/data plan AT&T had to offer. Instead, we are now paying roughly $25 per month for two phones, and we didn’t sacrifice any options. This was actually an upgrade. So how did we do it?

Enter Republic Wireless. Unlimited Talk. Unlimited Text. 500Mb of cellular data. $34* per month. This new service runs off of cellular service and Wi-Fi. You only pay for the data you use when not connected to WiFi.


Republic Phone Comparison

The catch? You have to buy the phones up front. There are three options to choose from due to the capability of these phones to be able to talk/text/data seamlessly from WiFi to cellular and back. The phone options from Republic Wireless are the Moto E 2nd Generation ($129), Moto G 3rd generation ($199) the Moto X 2nd generation ($299). As far as the phones go, we got the Moto E (trying to save money remember?) They are not bad phones. We were avid iPhone fans. We had tried Android before and just didn’t really like it. However, that was years ago, and I must say Android has come a long way from what we knew back then. The Moto X of course has more features and a larger screen, but we didn’t want to sink $300 per phone when we weren’t sure about the service/plan yet.




However, when comparing phone to phone and plan to plan, here is our lineup, yours may be different:

AT&T Republic Wireless
2 New Phones $40 per month $260 one time
Plan $80 per month $34* per month $avings
Monthly $120 $34* $86*
Yearly $1,440 $408* $1,032*

Now I know what you’re thinking…”What are the asterisks for?” There must be another catch right? No, those asterisks are because you get refunded for the data you don’t use during the month. For instance, our new plan comes with a 500Mb data plan. With AT&T, we were on a 200MB data plan and never went over our data usage. Since we did that, you can see the $12 refund in the picture above. If you figure this information into the above chart it would look like this:

AT&T Republic Wireless
2 New Phones $40 per month $260 one time
Plan $80 per month $26 per month $avings
Monthly $120 $26 $94
Yearly $1,440 $312 $1,128

So are you ready to switch? Still leery about that up front phone purchase? Here’s the best part of the whole deal. 30 days. Risk Free. Yep, you can try it out with absolutely no strings attached for a month. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work out for you, you are out absolutely zero dollars. Republic Wireless will buy back your phones. They won’t charge you for the first month. This was the kicker for us. We pulled the trigger, tried it out, and ditched AT&T after a week and a half of making sure we had coverage in the areas we travel most often. The best part is that if you don’t have cellular service, but have WiFi, you have a phone that you can talk on. For instance the local public library here has a basement that has absolutely no cellular signal whatsoever. I could never call my wife from down there nor could she call me. That is no longer an issue as I can talk through the library’s WiFi. Let me reiterate that, you can talk through WiFi. As you leave your WiFi area, the phone connects to cellular without disconnecting the call. It will also reconnect to WiFi without disconnecting if you come in the range of it again. This means you can go around town such as Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc. and connect to their WiFi. After your phone has saved the connections once, you can run around town like a “data bandit” and never be charged for data used and have great connectivity. It kinda feels like stealing, but it’s not, and that’s awesome! These are public services, so why not take advantage of them?


So, the best part about this service plan is that you can pay for only the data you use on cellular. My Moto E has a built in tracker that shows how much data you’ve used on cellular, and how much you’ve used on WiFi. After the first month I went back and looked at the data I used. I used only 127Mb on cellular, and over 8Gb on Wi-Fi!

So the next question is how do you reduce your cellular data? Most people stream music, videos, surf the internet or Facebook, and check email on their cellular data. Well, I cannot offer any help on the internet, videos, or Facebook, but streaming music is completely preventable, and it is the largest data plan killer you can perform on your phone. Answer? Download your music. If you already have Amazon Prime, you have a free music service with your subscription. Not a member? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. There are other options such as Spotify, that you can download music for offline play for $10 monthly subscription. You can download all your music on Wi-Fi, and then play it offline while not connected. If we were to add a $10 Spotify subscription to our cost of cellphone plans, we would still be saving $84 per month and $1,008 per year! The $10 per month for a Spotify subscription far outweighs the data plan to carry the data for streaming music. There are more ways to save your data by watching the videos at the Republic Wireless website here.

Well, I hope that at least gives you one more option of saving money, and with a 30-day risk free trial, why not give it a month and see? Just click here to get started! Happy saving! Let me know your experience below!