This is what my gut told me

Health issues

I’m normally against MLM but after some convincing from a friend, I have decided to give Plexus a try. My reasoning? As I’ve wrote before, I’ve been dealing with anxiety this year along with fatigue, hypo symptoms, and just feeling like crud. Gut issue? No, not me! Ha ha! Or at least that’s what I thought….

At first, I told my friend I was not interested. She told me her story, or as Plexus ambassadors call it, “their testimony.” The more I talked with her, the more I was curious, but not 100% on board. I needed to know why their brand was better than other probiotics.

Another reasoning, well I was approached by some other ladies selling Plexus and telling me how VitalBiome helped their anxiety. Was I skeptical? Ummm YEAH!

Gut Test reveals….

About the time this topic came about, I received my gut test back from uBiome. My gut test showed I had VERY little probiotics in my system. Here is a quick caption of what my gut microbiome looks like;

Bifidobacterium: 0.09 %
Lactobacillus: 0.05%
Akkermansia: 0%

On the uBiome site it even states, “Certain strains of Lactobacillus have been shown to improve mental health, including anxiety and mood, in addition to improving gut health. [3]” So I began googling, researching and was surprised my mood/anxiety might be caused from my poor gut health or at the very minimum contributing to it.

I have been skeptical but when I was told Plexus was backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, well why not? Obviously my gut needed some good bacteria so it couldn’t hurt. Worst case scenario, I tried it, it didn’t work, and I got my money back.

Neglecting my gut

Why have I never looked into gut before? I mean, almost any site you read about hypothyroidism, there is some kind of connection. Well, I never had bowel issues like diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramping or irregular bowel movements. This is going to get down to, well poop, so feel free to skim over. I had bowel movements 2X a day. I also don’t eat a lot of junk, avoid processed foods, GMOs, haven’t taken an antibiotic in 4 years and before that it had been years, and the list goes on.

I also have taken probiotics before and noticed no difference when taking them. I actually was taking a brand before trying the VitalBiome. Taking or not taking made no difference. I just assumed it was because my gut was good due to my lifestyle choices. But then I got my gut test back. I can’t deny the test results. My gut needs help.

My experience with Plexus so far

So my experience, I have been on VitalBiome for 3 weeks now. The first week, I had major die off symptoms. I have NEVER experienced die off until starting the VitalBiome. It was so strong, I’ve had to cut my dose in half and add a high dose of Vitamin C. Some may think, well this means its bad for you. No, it means it’s killing off the bad bacteria. I was told to stick with it. So after cutting the dose in half, adding vitamin C, I’ve noticed my mood has been improving. My anxiety is improving. Is a placebo effect? You know, I don’t know and honestly I don’t care.

I even searched many of the strands in VitalBiome. Plexus said it could help with mood but what did other sources say. Well, they agreed.

Plexus VitalBiome™

You’re skeptical right?

I know, I know. Everyone is skeptical. I’ve encountered some nay-sayers and honestly, I am kind of one of them. But you know what, even if Plexus is some kind of scam, I’m seeing small improvements in a short amount of time. I will take it! Who knows? Maybe it will help. Maybe it won’t but I’m giving it a go.


Last week I added in Slim by trying a 7 day challenge. I had die off symptoms again. I am only taking 1/2 Slim as of right now. This product I was not interested in because I have tried every diet under the sun, supplement, and it never helped anything. So why did I decide to try Slim? Well, it came back to the gut test. Ubiome had told me why Akkermansia is a good bacteria and I had 0%. Yep, nadda.

I went to Google to find out more. At the time, I didn’t realize Plexus sold a product to help improve Akkermansia. It brought up the plexus site as a result. I kind of rolled my eyes and thought, stupid Google is tracking me. I passed over the Plexus site and clicked on another link. I began reading but as I was reading, I thought why in the world did it bring up Plexus when I typed in “Akkermansia.” So I clicked the back button and clicked on the Plexus link.  What did I find? Well the Slim helps increase Akkermansia by 250X. 😮 What?! Ok, yeah right. I bet I can buy akkermansia from another provider without being sucked into this MLM company, right? Nope. Can’t find a product that contains Akkermansia or even claims to help improve Akkermansia except for Plexus. Hmmm…

Slim Video – Full Length

I soon will be giving the Triplex a go but having to take things slow right now. I’ve been resistant to the Triplex as well. lol

Healthy Gut. Happy You. And Weight Loss Too.* – Plexus Worldwide

What if?

I went back and forth. I asked tons of questions, I googled, I viewed the information on the Plexus site, looked up negative reviews of Plexus, and even critically critiqued their ingredient list in some of their products. The more I tried to prove Plexus was a scam, the more I became curious. And yes, I did find some negative reviews but then I saw so many positive reviews. Most of the negative reviews was of the old Slim not the new one. Would it help? Would it work? Would it make me feel better? Would it make feel worse? SOOOOO many questions! But what if worked?.. What if……

Finally, I got to the point, oh what do I have to lose? Money? No, they have a 60 day money back guarantee.So here I am trying it out. Will it help all my ailments? I don’t know. Does it seem to be helping? Yes. If it does help, I will be more than thrilled to stand behind this brand. And as of this moment, I think it’s helping. I mean, this is what I have been praying for right? Something to help?

What do you have to lose?

At first, I would not sign on as an ambassador. I didn’t want to be locked into purchasing the product or selling X amount each month. And I knew I could not in good conscience sell a product I did not believe in.  But after giving it 3 weeks, I wanted the product for cheaper and signed on as an ambassador so I can give this a fair shot. I have never been good at sales. I’ve tried selling Avon, Mary Kay, but my heart and soul have not been in it. If Plexus does amazing things for me, my heart and soul will be in it. And I will be sharing my story with EVERYONE.

Right now, the science is behind their products. Most importantly, I see improvements. So here I am sharing with you today. Am I in it for the money? No, but I’m not going to lie. It would be nice to have a supplemental income to help pay off some debt.  So I will ask you the same… What do you have to lose? What if these products could help you? Try Plexus with me. Give it a fair shot and see for yourself!

If you would like to give Plexus a try, you can browse the Plexus 2017 summer catalog via interactive catalog or PDF file.