Free ebooks

Did you know you can download classic ebooks for FREE? No, this is no gimmick and nothing fishy. Books in the public domain are FREE to the public.  Some of the book titles include Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Little Women, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and many more!

Free Classic eBooks

How does this work?

In the United States, copyrights are only for a set time frame. When the copyright expires, the books are then placed in the public domain. No one owns the rights to these books therefore they are free to the public. Now, some of the copyright laws vary from country to country so if you’re not in the United States, you may want to Google your country’s copyright laws. For more information about how the copyright laws work, visit Gutenburg FAQ.

Where to get the ebooks for FREE?

The main sites that I use are Project GutenburgInternet Archives, and Amazon.


Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 FREE ebooks! That’s a huge selection and a little something for everyone.

Internet Archives (click here to learn about Internet Archive and Open Library) and Open Library offers more than 6,000,000 books!

I haven’t found a good way to browse Amazon’s selection of public domain books but most of the books listed on the other two sites are available for free download through Amazon. I find it easier to find the books you want to download by going to Amazon and search for “book title by original author.” When you do this, it is also going to bring up titles by Disney and other companies so it is important to search by original author and pay attention to the price for the ebook. Public domain ebooks should display Kindle Edition $0.00.

How to download and read the ebooks?

You have a few options here. You can download them in PDF format, read them online in HTML format, or send them to to your OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Kindle, Kindle Reading App (I use the app on my iPad), or download them directly from Amazon.

On Amazon, the books usually look pretty simple. They are generally easy to spot out. They will have a cream white on the top and a solid red or green color on the bottom.

Where can I find public domain book lists?

You can browse the books on Project Gutenburg, Internet Archives, and Amazon but there are SOOO many, it could be hard to find books for age group. Ambleside Online has a large book list categorized by grade level. Some other sites that have book lists are; Goodreads, An Old Fashioned Education, FreeReaders,  and Best Children’s Books.

 How I use Public Domain Books

One of curriculums we use for Language Arts is Writing With Ease By Peace Hill Press. The curriculum incorporates many of the FREE public domain classic literature into the lessons. For example, this week we are reading Rumpelstiltskin from the Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. At the beginning of the book, it has a Reading List and which books to go along with each week. They are optional to read with the curriculum since the book includes passages. But we like to send them to the Kindle Reading App to read along side the lessons.

My preferred method to download the ebooks is to find them on Amazon. I have the Kindle Reading app downloaded on my iPhone and iPad mini. We can also read them on the Kindle Fire. I just search for the book by the original author. Click on the book that displays $0.00 for the Kindle edition. To the right of the screen, there is a button that says “Buy now with 1 click” and under it there is a drop down menu. I select the device I want it to deliver to. Then select Buy Now with one Click. And it sends the book to the device.

While Amazon is my preferred method and most of the time it has the books I’m looking for, there are a few that are not available. So I will find them on the other sites listed. I download the ebook  to my PC. Then I e-mail it to my “Send-to-Kindle e-mail address.” Each of my devices have a different e-mail address to deliver directly to each device. If you want to access the book from all of your devices, you do not have to send to each device. Just send it to one of the devices.

Then go to the app on your preferred device. On the main screen of the Kindle Reading App, click on Cloud (bottom of screen on reading app, I think it’s at the top on the Kindle). You can browse all books including the ones that are not on that particular device. If it has a check by the book, it is already downloaded on your device. If it doesn’t, simply tap on the book and it will begin downloading.

Finding Send to Kindle e-mail address

For Devices with Kindle Reading App: To find your “Send-To-Kindle email address,” open up the Kindle Reading App. On the main screen of the app, click on settings.  You will find your e-mail address here. This may be different depending on your device. If this method doesn’t work, check out Amazon’s Send to Kindle by e-mail address help page. Oh, and you can do this for regular PDF files, microsoft word files, jpegs and more. Just click on the above link to learn which files are supported.

For Kindle Fire HD: Go to Docs. Click on Cloud. It should show a picture with a little description and “e-mail them to” The e-mail it supplies is your Send to Kindle e-mail address. Like I said above, each device has it’s own e-mail address. And if you can’t remember the e-mail address it sets up for you, you can change it by going to Amazon.

To look at all devices: You can also find the send to kindle email addresses for all of your devices by going directly to Amazon. Go to Send to Kindle help page. Click on Manage Devices. This will direct you to a login page. Login and then click on Your Devices tab. You can look at all devices linked to your account. Then you can click on the device and find the e-mail address. You can also edit the e-mail address on this page.


Hope all this helps! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!


FREE Fruit of the Spirit Printables

Inspired by a member on a Facebook group, I made a Fruit of the Spirit Behavior chart. It turned out super cute and I have to share. All the resources are free from Bible Story Printables. They have a ton of resources for Fruit of the Spirit lessons as well as many different kinds of bible related printables. So make sure to browse their site. I am not in any way associated with Bible Story Printables. I just love their FREE resources.fruit of the spirit resources

Fruit of the Spirit Printables

Here is my chart. 🙂Fruit of the Spirit basket


Here is the size I used. OR you can print out the extra large versions on the Fruit of the Spirit Printables page. The extra large size in under the Fruit of the Spirit Bulletin Board section.


You can also print out the basket from their site. (Click on the picture below.)


Here is the basket I printed out.


brown basket

How to make

1.) Print out the above printable onto white cardstock.  Write the Fruit of The Spirits (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) on each fruit and write the name of you child/children on the baskets. I used a sharpie.

2.) Laminate your printables. (Ok, I don’t have a laminator so I used clear packaging tape on front and back.)

3.) Hot glue magnets to back or use stick-on magnets. Place items on magnetic board, fridge, filing cabinet, or anything metal.

How to use

Each time your child displays one of the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit, you add that fruit to their basket.

Fruit of the Spirit Resources

Fruit of the Spirit Song

Fruit of the Spirit Hand Jives to go along with the song

Coloring Page




Bible Verse Cards




Make sure to check out Bible Story Printables for ALL of their Fruit of the Spirit resources and other bible resources.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:22-23)


What do you think? Leave your comments below! Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Church Busy Bag

Church Busy Bag- How to keep your toddler busy in church


Keeping a toddler quiet in church can often be a challenge to the new mom or the experienced mom. The best way that I have to keep my toddler quiet in church is by having a “busy bag.” I use the diaper bag as the “busy bag.” One thing to always keep in mind is sometimes, you will have to pull them back to the nursery. Even the most well behaved children will have their moments.

church busy bag

Also remember, some of this comes with experience. If your family has just recently began attending church, being still might be a challenge at first. It is a learning process and they will get the hang of being quiet in church eventually. Try not to get too frustrated with it at first. Most other adults who have young children or older children completely understand. Trust me, when I see a mom struggling with her children and eventually head back to the nursery, I don’t think twice about it. I have been there and I understand so try not to be too hard on yourself!

Here a list on how to keep your toddler quiet in church.

  •  Snacks. Sometimes the best way to keep them quiet is to give them something to keep their mouth busy. Cheerios, fruit loops, goldfish, dried fruit, raisins, animal crackers, or whatever kind of  dry snack your child enjoys.  My favorite way to bring some of these snacks are in the Munchkin snack catchers. I bought mine at Wal-Mart. I’ve seen them at Target, Heb, and other retailers but you can also follow the link above to purchase them from Amazon. These are great, inexpensive, and reusable. Toddlers often dump things, knock things off, and are even known to throw things (sometimes at the head of the person sitting in the pew in front of you!) The rubber top keeps things from spilling out if it is accidentally dropped but the rubber is made where they can easily stick their hand in to grab their snack. These also work great for snacks in the car. I also like them because they do not make racket like plastic wrappers and plastic baggies.

fruit loops copy

  • Coloring books. To some this might be an obvious choice. I have coloring books that are not used unless we are in church. To my toddler, these are special coloring books. They can only color in them during church. I also have a separate set of crayons that are always stashed in the bag as well. Kids also love the Twistable Crayons. You could even keep the special crayons in the bag as well.


  • Pen and notepad. My daughter loves to doodle in church and at home. She prefers a pen. I don’t know why this one works but it does. It could be because mommy and daddy use pens so she wants to be like us or that she is not allowed to have a pen all the time. She used to write on the couches, walls, toilet seat cover (yes, I have ink marks on the toilet seat cover that I can not get off for the life of me), and whatever else she could find. So she was on a no pen policy for a while. My oldest also enjoys drawing. The picture below is her picture of a butterfly.

drawing copy

  • Imagine Ink Books. Kids love these things. There is one marker that only works on the Imagine Ink Book. The kids can color wherever and the colors begin to appear. They come with different characters such as Mickey, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, Planes, Thomas the Train and other popular characters. Another member of the church gave my children these and they LOVE them. You can pick them up at Family Dollar for $3. You can also buy the Imagine Ink Books at Amazon but they are more.


  • Foam puzzles Don’t underestimate the foam puzzles. Both my daughters love foam puzzles. The simpler ones like the 123 foam puzzle my toddler enjoys and my 6 year old has used the United States and an elephant that is the alphabet. You can find them at Dollar Tree, and Staples carries them at the beginning of the school year for $1! I have purchased the anatomy, brain, digestive system, and more complicated puzzles for home school from Staples to use later on down the road. You can get these online but they are anywhere from $4-$9 which seems to be overpriced when I paid a mere buck for them locally. I keep the pieces in a ziplock baggy when I store them in the diaper bag so we don’t lose the pieces. My toddler also likes to put it together, take the pieces out and put them back in the baggy, and do it all over again. Sometimes she stands in the floor with the puzzle on the pew and sometimes we pull down the bible table (I’m not sure what the correct term is but they have built in tables  to hold your bible or song book in the pew in front of ours that folds down when not in use).


  • Quiet Books If you browse Pinterest for activities for toddlers, you have probably came across quiet books. They are basically books made out of felt fabric. You can make your own or buy them from Etsy. The Quiet Book Blog has templates so you can make your own quiet book.  Pinterest also has many quiet book ideas.


  • Stickers Such a simple idea but kids love stickers.


  • Felt Food I made a simple bag of chips, sandwich, Swiss cake roll (I forgot to include the roll in the picture) and a lunch bag out of felt to put in the busy bag. They are pretty simple and cheap to make. There are TONS of different kind of felt foods on pinterest. Here is just one board on Pinterest that is loaded with different tutorials for felt food; Make!~Felt Food on Pinterest. I have seen pizza with all the toppings, cherry pie slices, pancakes, eggs, bacon, you name it. The sky is the limit with felt foods. If your not the DIY kind of person, Melissa & Doug sell some felt food. Here are some links on Amazon to felt food; Melissa & Doug Felt Food Sandwhich Set, Melissa & Dough Pizza Set, Melissa & Dough Burrito and Taco Set
  • feltfoodAsk other moms Moms have a knack for finding clever ways to keep their children busy. Sometimes, kids find fascination with normal day objects. When I was little, I would sit with another member of the church. She had this calculator but this wasn’t any calculator. The buttons looked like jewels! LOL For whatever reason, I LOVED this calculator. I still to this day remember that calculator and so does the member. She loves to tell the story of how my mom was about to her wits end of trying to keep me busy so she started keeping me during church and I would be a little angel with her lol. I sat with her until her son had a terrible football accident that left him paralyzed from neck down. One day, my daughter scooted down to a member in church and found a fascination with her mirror. I tried to buy a mirror from the dollar store which worked for a little while but obviously the mirror I bought wasn’t as cool as hers. lol

That is my list of goodies that I use to keep my toddler busy during church.

How do you keep your toddler busy during church? What are your tricks of the trade? 

How to get gum out of hair in 5 minutes

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How to get gum out of hair in  5 minutes

I think every mom has been in the predicament where their child has got gum stuck in their hair. It is never just slightly stuck, they have an act for really getting in there good. I have used the peanut butter method and I’m not a big fan. After you get the gum out, you then have to get the peanut butter out. The reason the peanut butter method works is due to the oil in the peanut butter. So here it the simple solution on how to get gum out of hair. Coconut oil. Yes the wonderful coconut oil. Among the MANY uses of coconut, here is another one!

gum in hair

Last Sunday, my daughter came to me with a big wad of gum stuck in her hair. We had about 20 minutes before we had to get ready to go to the church. I very quickly googled how to get the gum out of her hair. I didn’t want to use peanut butter and I definitely didn’t want to cut her hair. I didn’t know if the coconut oil would work. I went ahead and took before pictures so I could share the results with ya’ll.

I buy the vitacost organic coconut oil. Vitacost is always having sales. I have the 54 fl oz that I purchased for $15 when it was on sale. Regularly it is $21.99. At my local grocery store, the 16 oz jar of coconut oil (non organic) is about $9-10. Since I had coconut oil on hand, I figured I would give it a shot.

Here is the before:IMG_1791 IMG_1792




Sorry the pictures are blurry. She was wiggling when I was trying to snap a photo.

Not quite 5 minutes later, here is what her hair looked like.


The second picture, you can see me pulling the strands of hair where the gum was. As you can see, there is no remains left. I was amazed at how easy and effective this was.

The Process

The process is easy and quick. All I did was get a little bit of coconut oil on fingertips and began working it into the gum. You should start seeing the gum start to separate from the hair and then you can slide the gum out. I got the majority out of her hair the first time I tried to slide it out but there was small remains of the gum left behind. For the remaining pieces, get a paper towel or an unpaper towel and wrap it over the gum. Slide the paper towel or unpaper towel down to ends. Keep doing this until all the gum is out. It actually took me under 5 minutes to get all the gum out and there was no struggling.

Next time, I will try using a paper towel from the beginning. I normally try to use unpaper towels but I wanted to be able to just toss it into the trash. I didn’t know if the gum would adhere to the unpaper towel so this might be something to keep in mind when choosing between a paper towl or unpaper towel.

Just a note, coconut oil is very good for the hair but a little bit goes a long way! If you glob a lot of coconut oil onto the hair, it can make it appear greasy. I have very thick, long hair and with other products, I have to use quiet a bit of product on my hair. But not with coconut oil! I use coconut oil (just a tiny bit) rubbed over my hair. It helps tame the frizz and nourishes the hair.

So there you have it. Easy, quick, and effective!

 There you have it! Hope this helps! What are your thoughts? Have you tried this method? How did it work for you?