Common Deficiencies in Hypothyroidism

Here is what I have learned so far in my journey. I am not an expert and testing is  highly suggested before attempting to treat anything. Many times, symptoms can overlap one or more deficiencies so treating without testing properly can wreak more havoc.

hypothyroid deficiencies

When I first discovered I was hypothyroid, I had no clue there was more to the story. Hypothyroidism causes a chain reaction. I’m not sure if it’s the vital nutrients that cause hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism causes the deficiencies. According to Stop the Thyroid Madness, thyroid patients have poor absorption issues which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So let’s take a look at the common deficiencies in thyroid patients.

1.) Iron- Iron plays a big role in the thyroid function. It also plays a role in the production of cortisol. Thyroid patients also tend to have adrenal fatigue. If you are hypothyroid or Hashimotos, you could very well be Iron Deficient or not optimal like I am.  If you are being treated for Hypothyroidism with a Natural Dessicated Thyroid, are on a dose of higher than 2 grains, and you are still experiencing hypothyroid symptoms, you need to check your iron. A deficiency in Iron can cause a host of issues such as fatigue, weakness, low body temp, decreased immune, and just feeling tired.

I can’t stress enough how important checking your levels of iron are when you’re hypothyroid. Low iron can cause multiple symptoms. Some of the symptoms I personally experience from not being optimal was air hunger, breathing through my mouth a lot, being winded or out of breath very easily like walking around, cleaning, pale skin tone, easily fatigued, poor recovery after activities, and even talking. If you would like to know more about the symptoms of low iron, check out Iron and Hypothyroidism.

How to test for low iron?

You will need to test the following;


Serum Iron 

TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity)

Saturation %

If you decide to test your iron, you can ask your doctor to run lab work and specifically ask for your ferritin, serum iron, TIBC, and Sat %. Or if you want order your own labwork, a good place to go through is MyMedLab. I have used MyMedLab and it was easy. The test was about $50 for full iron panel. I ordered the test online. Then find the closest clinics near you. I had to drive about 30 minutes to the closest lab but it was super easy. I didn’t have to make an appointment (this may vary by clinic). I walked in and about 15-20 minutes later my blood was drawn. Then they posted my labs online. I compared them to the knowledge on STTM Optimal Lab Values- How to interpret lab results. If trying to interpret your own labwork seems a little scary or confusing, join the online Facebook group FTPO-Thyroid Topics. I have seen numerous people post a picture of their results and ask how to understand the results on the page. Many of the members are more than happy to help. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. They may direct you to another sister group if your question regards hormones, T3, Adrenals, etc.

By the way, you can order many different kinds of labwork from MyMedlab. There are other online places to go through as well. For more sites like MyMedlab and other information regarding what labwork you need if your suspect hypothyroidism, visit STTM’s Recommended Labwork.

Too much of anything can also be bad. I highly advise not to supplement with iron unless you know for certain that you need it. High levels of iron can cause hemochromatosis. If you do in fact need to supplement with iron, retest your bloodwork every 4-6 weeks. Also, iron can often cause constipation. I highly recommend Solgar Gentle Iron as it seems to be more gentle on your bowels. The first week I took it, it did cause a little discomfort and constipation. I had tried some other brands that were horrific. After about a week, any discomfort was gone.


2.)Vitamin D- Most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Thyroid patients are also effected. Stop the Thyroid Madness (STTM) explains why Vitamin D is good for thyroid patients.   Vitamin D is good for strengthening the immune system, reduces inflammation, cell growth, neuromuscular and good health.  Also check out my article about Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin A, D, K.

3.) B12- Vitamin B12 aids in the production of DNA, prevents anemia, beneficial to the nervous system, and the blood cells. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause numbness or tingling in arms, legs, or feet, tremors, slow reflexes, leg pain, being off balance, weak, breathless,infertility, memory problems, irritability, brain fog, depression and more. I personally have experienced muscle twitching. It took me a while to figure out why or what was causing my sudden muscle twitching until I began supplementing with a higher dose of B12. Then for a week, I tried to cut my B12 supplements in half assuming I had raised my levels. Man was I wrong.  After only a week of cutting down my B12 dose, my twitching muscles began to come back. I began having random spasms in my hands, face, shoulders, and other areas. I began taking the high dose once again, and they went away. As if I had not learned my lesson, I decided to stop taking my B12 again. Yet again, the twitching came back. Brain fog came back with a revenge. Maybe I have learned my lesson but only time will see.

One more thing about Vitamin B12. Not all Vitamin B12 is equal. You will need to look for Methylcobalamin B12. I won’t go into all the details about why but if your interested in the different kinds of B12 and why you want Methylcobalamin, you can read about it at Stop the Thyroid Madness- B12 or in Chapter 13 of Stop the Thyroid Madness: A patient Revolution Agaist Decades of Inferior Treatment. I personally use Jarrow Formulas Methyclobalamin B12. I take 2,500 mcg of B12 each day per recommended by my doctor and does the trick for me but the dosing might vary from patient to patient. B12 is water soluble making it hard to overdose or create B12 toxicity. Basically, if you take too much your body will excrete the extra through your urine unlike iron which gets stored up in your body. But you don’t want to take more than your body needs and it can make you feel sick to your stomach. Basically what I am saying is, just because I take 2,500 mcg of B12, doesn’t mean this is the right dose for you.

4.) Iodine– There is a lot of controversy over Iodine supplementation for thyroid patients especially Hashimotos. I am not a doctor and I always suggest to do your own research, consult your practitioner and listen to your body. I just like sharing what I have learned. 

Like most supplements, not all are made equal. When looking into Iodine, check out Lugol’s Iodine Solution. (To Learn more about Lugol’s Iodine Solution, check out Dr Sircus article. Lugol’s isn’t a brand, it is a formula of Iodine and Iodide. There are many brands out there that are considered Lugol’s formula.) Many thyroid patients including Hashimotos report postie effects using this protocol. Iodine is a critical element for normal thyroid function. The thyroid gland takes iodine converts it to T4 (Thyroxine) and T3 (Triiodothyronine). If your body doesn’t have iodine, your thyroid can not produce T3 and T4. Go here to understand more about How your thyroid works and how it utilizes Iodine.

Iodine will help eliminate toxins from the body including bromide.  

Most Iodine Protocols will suggest to accompany your Lugol’s solution with:

Selenium (200-400 mcg per day)

Magnesium glycinate or citrate (300-600mg) per daiy

Vitamin C (2000-4000) mg daily

Unrefined Salt ( Himalayan Salt, Real Salt, and Celtic Salt.) – 1/2 tsp + per day added to diet.

I wrote an article about the benefits of Himalayan Salt, in case you missed it. My N.P. also advised to take 1/4 tsp of unprocessed salt in 8 oz of warm water 2x daily as needed to flush toxins. This is done together with the previous dosing. This is close to the making of your own Sole.

One of the groups that follow Dr. Brownstein’s idea on the Lugol’s protocol suggests only to use the Celtic and Real Salt. They state they use a Lugol’s formula but do not support Kelp because of the pollution of the oceans. But they only recommend the Celtic salt. Which in my opinion, you’re still looking at the same pollution in the Celtic Salt as you would be in supplementing with Kelp. They also state that they don’t recommend Himalayan Salt because the dynamite used in the mines can pollute the salt. According to the resources I have read, this is false. Dynamite is prohibited in the Himalayan Mountains to protect the quality of the salt. That being said, a switch to any of the unrefined salts from common table salt is beneficial to the body.

I personally take a supplement that I get from my N.P.’s office. It contains the Lugol’s formula (iodine and Iodide), selenium, zinc, and potassium.
5.) Selenium- As mentioned above, Selenium is usually suggested when following the Iodine Protocol. If you choice to supplement Iodine, it is highly recommended you take selenium along with Iodine and visa versa. Iodine without the selenium could damage the thyroid. Selenium without the iodine can impair the thyroid even further. You can read more about the subject at Stop The Thyroid Madness:Companion Nutrients: The Key to Success on the Iodine Protocol under Selenium.

6.) Magnesium- Again, most Americans are deficient in magnesium and thyroid patients are not excluded. Check out my previous blog post about  how to make magnesium oil. 

7.) Adrenals – While your adrenals are not a vitamin/mineral deficiency, many hypothyroid patients find their adrenals fatigued. I have adrenal fatigue probably caused by my excessive workouts. Some of the symptoms I suffered from and other symptoms of adrenal fatigue include;

  • inability to fall asleep at night
  • hard time getting up in the morning
  • easily defensive
  • poor stamina
  • easily exhausted
  • not coping well with certain people or events in life
  • waking up frequently throughout the night
  • startling easily
  • inabilty to handle stress
  • craving salty foods
  • high energy levels in the evening and poor energy levels in the morning
  • weakened immune system
  • poor circulation

This is not complete list of all the symptoms. If you suspect adrenal fatigue the 24 hour saliva adrenal test will give you a good idea if you suffer from it. There is also bloodwork you can do but in the case of testing ones adrenals, the saliva test is the better. If you would like to know why check out How Adrenals can wreak havoc.  You will also need to know what type adrenal issues you have to supplement wisely;

-High Cortisol: Many patients do well with Holy Basil for high cortisol issues. Zinc and PS are also recommended.

-See Saw mix of high and lows- This is the one I suffered from. I used Organic India Ashwagandha 400 mg 1x a day. Some other adaptogenic herbs to consider are Rhodiola, Relora, Eleuthero, Maca, Schisandra.

-Low Cortisol: Adaptogenic herbs might not work as well with this adrenal issue. It is recommended you read Chapter 15 in STTM II. Some have results from an OTC adrenal cortex but most need a prescription type of adrenal cortex to correct their adrenals.

For more information about the different types of adrenals issues, please see Wisdom in treatment of adrenal issues. If you need help interpreting your saliva test, please join the STTM thyroid facebook page (Adrenals). They can help you understand your results. You can upload a picture of your labs or just type in your results. When I started, I didn’t fully understand my labs. I posted my results and the members help me understand how to treat.


Some other supplements to consider ***Before supplementing with anything, blood work is highly recommended. Sometimes you can think it is one thing based off of symptoms when it really is something different. In my personal experience, trying to self diagnose without bloodwork only makes things worse.

  • A good whole foods multivitamin-*** this may or may not be necessary. If you take other supplements, you’ll want to check the label and make sure your not getting too much of a certain vitamin or mineral. Brands I recommend are Nature’s Plus, New Chapter, Garden of Life, Solaray
  • EFA
  • Vitamin C- 1,000 mcg is typically the recommended dosing for hypothyroid patients. Vitamin C can helps reduce stress and cortisol so this might be a good supplement for adrenal patients.
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs or an organic version) Read STTM article about how ACV can help low levels of stomach acid which aids in the absorption. Absorption Issues and Stomach Acid 
  • Clary Sage Essential Oils is good for balancing Hormones( I recommend Rocky Mountain Oils, Plant Therapy, Nature’s Gift or Essential Vitality by Queens Homeschooling)
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy ***Only take if you are in fact deficient in one of them. I had an experience with taking them and had some side effects. My N.P. advised me to take testosterone. It wasn’t until I compared my bloodwork with other resources to find I didn’t need the hormones she was administrating. Doctors and N.P. are still people and they make mistakes too. Just because your doc tells you one thing doesn’t mean it is set in stone. Many doctors will disagree with one another on particular topics. You need to be your biggest advocate. Most importantly, listen to your body. If your doc says this will make you feel better and it makes you feel worse, listen to your body.***

Books and Resources I recommend for hypothyroidism

If you have noticed, I have linked MANY times to Stop the Thyroid Madness. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or suspect you are hypothyroid check out STTM site. There is SOOOO much information on their site alone. And at first, it can be overwhelming because there is so much information. Take your time and work through it. A good place to start is Getting Your Ducks in a Row. And while their site is sooooo resourceful I HIGHLY recommend the book Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution to Decades of Inferior Treatment. If you are hypothyroid, you may find it very difficult to make it through the book at first. I, like many other hypothyroid patients, had trouble reading through all the information. And trust me, it is a lot of information. But if you will take it slowly and keep chugging along, you will slowly but surely begin getting your ducks in a row.

Stop the Thyroid Madness II is also another good book to check out but it is more heavy on the medical lingo. Starting out, I suggest the 1st book. A few more books to check out are Why Do I still have hypothyroidism symptoms? by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Living well with Hypothyroidism by Mary J. Shomon, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled by Richard Shames and Hypothyroidism: Health and Happiness by Steven F Hotze. If you go to Hotze Health & Welness site, you can request a free copy of his books, you pay $6.97 for shipping. You have to scroll down on the main page to see the link to request a free copy. His Health and Happiness is a good read regarding why hypothyroidism is often undiagnosed, mistreated, and plainly overlooked. Some of these books I have read while some of them are on my book list. The ones I have not read but still recommend are ones many other hypothyroid patients highly recommend. If you want to start with just one, the book at the top of the list is Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution to Decades of Inferior Treatment.

Your biggest weapon….

There is so much information and hypothyroidism is so complex. Your biggest weapon is knowledge. It will take time and energy you may not have but be patient. It will be so frustrating especially if your doctor will not work with you and if they simply will not, find another doc. Keep learning and eventually you can begin to feel better. I had felt bad for so long, I didn’t know what it was to feel good anymore. It has taken me 2.5 years to start feeling better. I have began to slowly but surely get my ducks in a row. It’s taken a while and still have a ways to go but I wouldn’t go back to how I felt before. I feel I have only began to scratch the surface but I want to share any bit of information I have learned with others who are suffering like I once did. I cried and prayed for so long for the answers.  And it started out with not being able to lose weight. I tried and tried and tried. I would cry and get so frustrated but eventually I felt so rotten I began to realize something wasn’t right. My mindset changed from wanting to lose weight to I need to be healthy and want to feel better. The answers didn’t magically fall into my lap. It was a push here, lots of prayers, patience, and a lot of reading.

I hope that this information will be useful to others . I have said it before in my posts and I will say it again. I am not a doctor, N.P. or in the medical field. I am human and I can get things wrongs so ALWAYS do your own research. Compare the information I present you with other information. Also, every person is unique. While I might have had success with Ashwagandha, someone else might have had side effects.common deficiencies FB

What are your thoughts? Has there been any supplements you have found helpful to the common hypothyroid deficiencies?  Any side effects?




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Let me know how you fair with these deals




Why a Christian does yoga

Finding yoga

I first discovered yoga in high school. The high school I attended offered a class and I decided to take the class. I enjoyed the class. There was some aspects of it that I found a little odd such “washing your face” with your hands. It was hard for me not to giggle but the lights were dimmed so I just smirked and contained the laughter on the inside. But after the class, I would feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Off and on I have done yoga and every time, I enjoy the effects of yoga. It reduces stress, stresses my muscles, strengthens my muscles, and calms me.


Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue and Yoga

If you have read any of my other posts, you probably know I have hypothyroidism. Adrenal fatigue is closely connected to hypothyroidism. After 2 years of slowly but surely getting my ducks in a row, I have begun to feel better and have more energy. But out of nowhere, I began having a hard time going to sleep at night.  I would be tired and just could not drift off to sleep easily. Then, I would be so tired during the day. I would fight the drowsiness all day until bed time. I had had this problem previously so I knew it was hypothyroidism or hypo related. I began re-investigating the reasoning for my inability to drift off to sleep and stay awake during the day. After digging, I realized it was my adrenals. I had stopped taking my Ashwagangha and I was under some stress. Long story short, I began taking the Ashwaghanda again and began to look into ways to reduce my stress.

If you do a very quick Google search on “ways to reduce stress,” yoga is sure to come up as well as exercise in general. I knew I had enjoyed yoga previously and with adrenal fatigue, I knew I needed to take it slow with my exercise routine and this time, I wanted to do something I enjoyed. Yoga was also on the list on ways to help recover your adrenals.

After only a short week of doing yoga in my home, I was excited about picking up yoga again. I also had no idea what the difference between yoga and pilates was. I have always wanted to try pilates but just have not got around to it. So what did I do? I got on pinterest of course! I pinned this yoga pin and that pilates pin. Well my pinning interest in yoga/ pilates triggered a pin suggesting Christians shouldn’t do Yoga. I was aware that yoga had some ties to Hinduism/Buddhism but the way I saw yoga was nothing more than an exercise. Well, I decided to read the pin which encouraged me to dig in for myself.

Should a Christian practice Yoga?

Whether it be right or wrong, here is the conclusion I came to.

Is Yoga a religion? No. I think this is where most of the misconceptions come from. Religious people take part in yoga such as Buddhists and Hindus. Hindus do use yoga in their religious practice. If yoga was in fact a religion, Buddhist and Hindus could not partake in yoga. Buddhism and Hinduism is 2 different types of religion that have different beliefs. Therefore, if Hinduism = yoga then Buddhism ≠ yoga. Yoga in itself does not suggest anyone to bow down to a god/gods or denounce such faith. A yoga instructor might have different views on this.  A Hindu might see yoga as an important part of his religious practices while an Atheist sees no spiritual connection at all. Just like if I was a yoga instructor, my Christian beliefs would more than likely leak into my class.

If yoga is used during religious practices of other religions, doesn’t that make yoga a part of a religion? Yoga can be part of a religion just like praying is a part of many different religions. Muslims pray to Allah, Christians pray to the one and only God, Buddhists “pray” (or some would say “meditate”) to Buddha, self, or other deities, and Hindus pray to many deities. Prayer or meditating is a huge part in all these religions  but no single group can say that prayer belongs to them. With that being said, can yoga exist outside of a religious group? The answer to this question lies in the first question. Yoga isn’t a religion therefore it can exist outside of a religious practice. It can be done during religious practices but it can also be done outside of a religious practice.

Will yoga contradict my Christian beliefs? If you are performing the sequences to yourself, another deity, statue, or gods, then yes, it will contradict your religious beliefs. I would even go as far as to say, performing the sequences to God could contradict your personal beliefs as there is not mention in the bible that one must do the lotus pose or any other pose during prayer or for God. Me personally, I see yoga as simply a way to improve my health. It strengthens my muscles, reduces stress, increases flexibility and clears my head. What yoga does for me is what some may feel about running, walking, strength training or any other forms of exercise. Some American traditions stem from other cultures including those who worshipped false God. Take the Olympics for example. If you read up on the history, you will find the Greek ties to the Olympics. The Greeks dedicated their Olympic Games to the Olympian gods. America and as far as I know, other countries, have taken the Olympic games and de-greekified (probably not a word but that’s what I’m going with) the religious ties. When the Olympics take place, the games are not dedicated to any deity, god, gods, or anything religious. The Olympics to Americans is just a competitive sport. It means nothing more than baseball, football, soccer, relays, or any other sport.  I think the same concept applies to yoga. If yoga is done as part of your religion, then the act is wrong in regards to Christian beliefs. If you do yoga as a form of exercise, it’s just that. It’s just another form of exercise.

“One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks. For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.” (Romans 14:4-9)

The yoga teacher will say to do “oms””, “pray to your heart,” etc… I would be lying if I said I have never encountered this. I bought a yoga video on Amazon the other day. The woman said such strange things like “give a thanks to your greatest teacher, your heart,” abruptly busted out in an “om”” while having her hands in a prayer like position and other things. I had to turn off the video. It did feel like I was taking part in some kind of Hinduism, Buddhist or a non-Christian religious practice.  The instructor’s views leaked into the yoga video.

There has also been things that have been mentioned in the videos like “as you breath there express your gratitude for the healing in your practice.” Some might take offense to such a comment and  some may think nothing more of the comment. I think this may all depend on the person and while I am not 100% on board with this comment, I do appreciate what yoga does for my body just like any other form of exercise, but at the same time, I’m not going to put yoga or any other practice up on a pedestal. I enjoy yoga yes. I feel it benefits my body. But I am not going to give thanks to any sport, exercise or practice because that is all it is to me. It is a form of exercise. Any thanks I give will be to my the Father in Heaven. Any healing that takes place will be from the will of my Father in Heaven. When issues like might arise, I simply ignore the comment much like I would disregard certain comments being made on the TV. If I feel the yoga instructor is trying to make any ties to their religious beliefs and yoga, I turn it off and move to another video where the yoga instructor treats yoga as a form of exercise.

What if I feel yoga is wrong? if your conscious condemns you, then you shouldn’t do it.

Would I be a stumbling block for others? I think this is kind of ridiculous but I did see this brought up in my research so here goes. I personally don’t know anyone that I would personally be a stumbling block by doing yoga (unless talking about clothing choices) but that is not to say it’s not possible. I don’t know of many examples for this particular question but this is the best example I could come up with. Maybe a Hindu that was converted to Christian that once used yoga as a way to pray to the Hindu’s deities might see another Christian as a stumbling block. If that was the case, then no you shouldn’t ask them to join you in yoga, talk about yoga around them, post anything about yoga on facebook or do yoga in front of them.

I personally do yoga in the privacy of my own home. For one, my clothing choices. I wear capri leggings. I wear them partly because of lack of options (finding modest workout clothes is ridiculously hard) but for 2, they stay in place when I am moving around. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to wear leggings with a  form fitting tank for others to see because of being a stumbling block to others. This isn’t the only kind of clothing I wear during yoga but just one example. Another reason I do yoga at home is because I don’t like the expense of paying for a class nor do I want to. I like doing yoga in the privacy of my own home and the option to do it when I want. Sometimes I do a PM yoga an hour before bed to help unwind…. There are many reasons why I do yoga at home but my point is that no one sees me do it unless I have a peeping Tom that I’m not aware of. Of course, that peeping Tom might just be my hubby haha! And if that’s the case, well not exactly a stumbling block for him, lol.

As far as clothing choices being a stumbling block goes, this doesn’t only go for yoga. I have seen runners, walkers, gymnastics, and other athletes that are a stumbling block for others especially men because of their choice to wear immodest workout clothing in public. If you are exercising in front of others or in a class, then put some clothes on that leave a lot to the imagination. In other words, clothing that shows cleavage, butt, lots of leg, lots of back, lots of skin or every curve on your body in public is a stumbling block. Many Christian men have struggled with lust and porn. Seeing a woman in tight yoga pants or short spandex shorts can cause a man to stumble. If you wouldn’t want your husband gawking at another woman in the same clothing, then don’t wear it for others to see. Oh, and for the record, even if your a bigger, or plus size woman, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. A man can lust after a plus size woman just like he can lust after a model. In all honesty, there are men who prefer a plus size woman over a stick thin woman.


It’s all about attitude

I guess in the end what I am trying to say is that it all depends on what one’s perspective is on yoga. If you look at yoga as a spiritual practice, then it will be a spiritual practice. If you see yoga as a form of exercise, then it will be a form of exercise.

5 easy ways we save on Groceries at H-E-B

As a stay at home mom, I cook about 95% of the meals at home. Eating out with children costs about 3x more. Not to mention, it’s a lot worse for your health  and will cost you even more in the long run. Even though eating at home is more budget friendly, there are still ways to cut the grocery bill. Here are 5 easy ways we save on my grocery bill at H-E-B.



  1. Local grocery store app: I personally use the H-E-B app. After you set up an account, you download the app, and log in. You then can look at the coupons, weekly ad, products, recipes, etc. I go to the coupon section and scroll through. I virtually “clip” anything I might potentially buy. It takes me maybe 5 or 10 minutes to go through the coupons. I have tried the actual act of clipping coupons but I would always forget the coupons or be so frazzled at the end of the trip that I wouldn’t dig out the ones I needed. This method is much easier. And to claim the coupons, I enter phone number and pin at the checkout while the cashier is still ringing up my order. Digital Coupons are SOOOO much better than printable coupons! Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.
  2. Checking the weekly Ad: When I am making my grocery list, I check the weekly ad on the  H-E-B website or the app. I plan my grocery trip around the items on sale. H-E-B has awesome meal deals. For example, the meal might have a Frozen Lasagna meal deal. You buy the frozen lasagna, you get garlic bread, bag of salad, 2 Liter of Coke (down south any soda is a “coke”), and a bottle of Dressing. Voila! Whole meal and all you gotta do is grab the coupon, and the items they conveniently have grouped together to grab.  I know its a frozen meal but these work great for grocery shopping day or on a day I just don’t want to cook. We all know you eat out anyway after a day of grocery shopping ;-). It’s ok, we all do it!  Another example is if they have whole split chicken breasts, I plan a few chicken casserole recipes for the next week. Yes, the split chicken breasts have bones on them but they are usually a lot cheaper and they work great by boiling, then de-boning, and using them in casseroles.
  3. Stock up on Meat that’s on Sale: If you don’t have a deep freezer, save up some money and get one. This has saved me so much on groceries. At my local H-E-B, they tend to have specials in the store that are not displayed in the circular. I have gotten in the routine of buying meat when on sale. Since I have started doing this, I typically don’t buy meat that isn’t on sale. Since the meat is a large % of the grocery bill, this knocks out more of the grocery bill. And, if you have a deep freeze, it will last a lot longer than in a typical freezer. I currently have a ham in the deep freeze that I purchased before Christmas  because they had a special. If you bought a ham, you got a turkey for free. We had the turkey for Thanksgiving and the ham for Christmas. Before we got our deep freeze, I could never do this deal because I simply couldn’t get the groceries we needed plus store the extra meat that was on sale.
  4. Buy off brands: I buy off-brands about 95% of the time. I personally enjoy H-E-B’s brands. There have been many times, I prefer H-E-B’s brands over name brands. There are some exceptions but this is generally the rule. Many times, the off-brand is cheaper than the name brand with a coupon. So I buy off-brand and other than using their app, I don’t typically clip coupons. I also like ALDI but the closest one for me is 30 mins away. I don’t always make it over there but when I do, ALDI is 95% off-brand anyway. 🙂
  5. In store coupons: I know, I said I typically don’t clip coupons but this is super easy. No clipping involved. 😉 I’m not spending hours digging through circulars or going to a coupon site to print out coupons and then try to remember to take them with me. If you’ve ever tried to coupon, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a hassle , time consuming, and I just prefer not to do it.  H-E-B conveniently places their yellow coupons in the front of the items that are on the coupon. If I am buying the item, I grab the coupon and check it out. See, I told you easy! It usually is on their brand of products but like I said above, that’s fine with me. 🙂 I have 4 FREE bottles of Mustard because I was already purchasing another item. Or if the item I am purchasing is the free item, I grab the item I have to buy. I’m not sure if other grocery stores do this but if you live in Texas and close to a H-E-B, give it a shot.


What are some things you do to save on your grocery bill? I would love to hear everyone’s ideas!