About Our Nest

About our Nest

Hello, I’m Melanie! And from time to time, you might hear my dearest hubby, Jeremy.

Here is a little tid bit of info about me:

I am a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful blessings. Allie, is our oldest and she is 6 years old. My little one, Ashlynn, is 2 years old. I have been happily married to my hubby for 9 years. I am a homeschooling momma and love it on most days. 🙂 I am a Christian that is striving to be the woman the Lord has called me to be.

I have a wide range of interests including; the bible, homeschooling, photography, gardening, nature, getting back to basics, wellness, crafty and DIY projects, $aving money, organizing, a clean home, alternative medicine, aromatherapy,  family, anything that let’s me be creative and use my brain, and all things for a happy nest.

About the hubby:

Hello, I’m Jeremy, Melanie’s husband. I will be joining my wife on this website from time to time to put my two cents in. I like to talk about a wide variety of topics, but it may take me a little more time to get them on here as Melanie said, I work and go to college full time, after you add in family time, there’s little time left over.

My variety of topics consist of attempting to live a biblical life (none of us are perfect), creation science and faulty facts in the secular world, biblical accuracy and popular misinterpretations of the bible, as well as being a father figure, the spiritual head of the household, and some others that I can’t quite name off the top of my head. Please join in on our blog and tell your friends!

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